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Preventive Health Check Up

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Health Checks

Neuberg believes in empowering customers to become more aware and making choices toward a healthy life. Services like Blood Tests, ECG, Digital X-Rays, Digital Mammography, Sonography, Stress Tests, Spirometry, Audiometry, Eye Checks and Dental Checks are all available under one roof. Various preventive health check packages are available based on age, gender and current health conditions. At Neuberg, we believe in bringing the best to you and hence a “personalized” health check can be tailor made for you based on your age, gender and current life style. Our consultants and trained support personnel are available on-site to guide you through the process.

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Home Health Check-up

Are you tired of fighting your way through traffic on an empty stomach to the laboratory for your blood tests? At Neuberg, we believe in bringing the best of phlebotomy services to your door step. Get your blood tests done within the comforts of your home. A trained technician with a well-equipped kit would visit you for sample collection. Your report would be made available through our online report portal and by courier if desired.

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Neuberg is the only laboratory in India to house drive-in Phlebotomy (blood collection) centers in Bangalore and Chennai. The unique initiative will bring relief for the physically challenged, elderly and those who seek quick Service and convenience. The cutting-edge service is to provide ease for the customers looking for a quick blood collection without waiting in a queue at a laboratory. In most cases they don’t even have to get out of their cars. This facility serves as an alternative to Home Visits for people who are not comfortable with home sample collection. To use the services, testing requests can be made over the phone or you can just drive in. The validated results can be easily obtained through the internet. Prior appointments are not required for persons arriving for tests. To use the drive-in one can even come by cab or bikes.

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With the employee spending most his/her time at office, workplace health has become a necessity. With long work hours, high levels of stress, copious amounts of coffee, tea and junk food, insufficient rest and sleep, the employees are prone to fatigue and several lifestyle diseases.

A healthy employee makes for a healthy corporate. Corporate wellness programs aid in a significant reduction in other medical costs of ill employees and reduces absenteeism due to ill health.  It helps sustain and improve productivity and performance by boosting the workplace morale.

At Neuberg, we offer the following services to corporate, factories and other organizations.

  • Pre-employment Health checks
  • Annual Health Checks
  • Tailor made wellness and preventive health check programs
  • Onsite Camps and screening programs
  • Online Awareness Programs.

We offer customized screening and awareness programs depending on the needs of the corporate and its employees. Our Corporate Wellness services are available both onsite at the office or at our centers. The reports are made available in confidence to the corporate Personnel Department with minimum turnaround time.

We would be glad to partner with you in your wellness and preventive health initiatives. Call us or fill in the below form and we would be happy to get in touch with you.

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Hospital Laboratory management

Laboratory services are critical to delivering high-quality patient care, but constantly changing reimbursement levels , rapidly evolving technology and chronic shortages of skilled professionals can be daunting.

We offer a compelling solution: Laboratory Management Services that can be configured to meet your needs and the needs of your medical staff.

Placing on-site laboratory operations under our management allows your team to focus on your core competency - delivering care - without sacrificing the autonomy and responsiveness of an onsite laboratory.

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Neuberg Diagnostics provides the most comprehensive preventive health check up. You can also avail corporate health check up. Contact Neuberg Diagnostics today! If you need a preventive health check up or corporate health check up or even need to avail hospital laboratory services, all you need to do is head over to Neuberg Diagnostics. We offer the best preventive health check up as well as corporate health check up, not to mention hospital laboratory services. You can't go wrong with the hospital laboratoy services provided by us at Neuberg Diagnostic. This also includes the preventive health check up and the corporate health check up services provided by us. You will not find better results for your prveentive health check up anywhere else in the country. A preventive health check up is extremely important as prevention is better than cure. It is always essential to do a monthly preventive health check up to pinpoint areas that might have a problem in your body. With the preventive helalth check up in Neuberg Diagnostics and our corporate health check up as well, you will be the fittest and healthiest version of yourself. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Neuberg Diagnostics today for the most all rounded preventive health check up and corporate health check up and also hospital laboratory services if needed.