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Neuberg Diagnostics to expand in Africa, Gulf

With three global reference labs in bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Durban, Neuberg is also gearing up to focus on futuristic medicine involving genetics, personalised medicine

Expansion will be funded from internal accruals

Hyderabad , April 20
Neuberg    Diagnostics,an alliance     of diagnostic companies, has firmed up plans to expand in Africa, West    Asia and across States in India.        

The Chennai- headquartered group with combined    revenues of Rs450 crore will set up diagnostic    facilities in Kenya, Tanzania, this year and Nigeria and Ghana in the future, said Anand K,Group CEO.    
Neuberg    diagnostics had    acquired Global Clinical & Viral Lab, a centre    of excellence    in Virology and    the biggest HIV lab in Durban, South Africa, three months ago.        

Its the    fourth    largest chain in the    African nation and is focussed on TB,    HIV.    The    future expansion will be funded from    internal    accruals, said Anand.

In West Asia, the company will have a diagnostic lab in Kuwait and open a facility in Abu Dhabi. In addition to traditional    test    and invest igations, the Group intends to expand an offer for new generation diagnostics based on genomics,proteo-mics  and  so  on,Anand told BusinessLine.

With three global reference labs  in Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Durban, Neuberg is also    gearing  up to focus on futuristic medicine involving genetics,personalised medicine.
While the  tests at present are    "prohibitive, we plan to collaborate, tech transfer, indigenise and bring down costs in the long run", said Anand.

Build data base    
The Group is also making efforts to build data bases, libraries for the Indian population, develop reference ranges for population given its  genetic  diversity and evolve assays specific to    population and    ethnic groups. It has tied up with the Indian Institute of Sciences and C-CAMP (Cellular and Molecular Platform),both in Bengaluru.

In Telangana, it has a lab in Mahapur, Hyderabad. Plans are on to  have  a  chain  of collection centres in districts.      

In Andhra Pradesh,it will establish labs in Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada  in  the  next  six months, he said.         

The alliance consists of Anand    Diagnostics, Bengaluru; Supratech Micropath, Ahmedabad; Ehrlich Laboratory, Chennai; Global Labs, South Africa and Minerva Diagnostics,    Dubai.    It carries out nearly 16 million tests    per annum combined.