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Neuberg Diagnostics launches Neuberg-IONA test for pregnant women

Neuberg Diagnostics, one of India's leading diagnostics chain, has partnered with Premaitha Health UK, a global leader in NIPT services, through a technology transfer to bring IONA a CE-IVD product to India from the Neuberg Centre for Genomic Medicine in Neuberg-Supratech Ahmedabad, India.

Pregnancy management is a crucial and highly specialized field of medicine which can greatly impact the well being of neonates, expecting parents and their families. According to a recent study, incidences of genetic disorders have increased significantly in India, with a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome in one in every 800 births, totaling 37,000 babies diagnosed with Down’s syndrome per annum. In addition, Edwards' syndrome is diagnosed in 1 in every 6000 births and Patau's syndrome in 1 in every 10,000 newborn babies annually.

An area of importance in India, a country with a high birth rate is the occurrence of congenital anomalies is screening of pregnancies early for risk of chromosomal abnormalities to reassure the couple of their child’s health. It is usually done by combining ultrasound scans with biochemical investigations to arrive at an accurate risk assessment and support further pregnancy management an area referred to as prenatal screening.

A recent more advanced method for prenatal screening is NIPT, Neuberg-IONA utilizes the circulating DNA from Maternal blood and advances genomics platforms of Next Generation sequencing (NGS) combined with bioinformatics algorithms to very accurately predict the risk for chromosomal disorders including Down’s syndrome (T21), Edward Syndrome (T18), Patau Syndrome (T13) and Turner’s syndrome (Monosomy X).

It provides better analytical sensitivity of >99% compared to other non-invasive methods and it is very safe for the both the mother and child and can help avoid unnecessary invasive procedure

Neuberg - IONA test can be performed at a fetal fraction of 2% and above enabling clinical use as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy and reducing redraw or resampling rates (< 0.5 %).

Neuberg -IONA is performed using maternal blood and will help us offer clinically relevant results of international standards with a very quick turnaround time in a very cost-effective manner to support our medical fraternity in pregnancy care. Neuberg Diagnostics as a global laboratory alliance can offer access to NIPT through our network of PC-PNDT certified diagnostic centers across India.

Dr. Sandip Shah, executive director, Neuberg Diagnostics commented: "Our experience with NIPT so far has been very promising, and our clinical partners have encouraged us to adopt NIPT to complement our current prenatal screening services to support better management of crucial pregnancy related decisions. However, we are working with insurance service providers and government agencies to ease the cost implications which has been a major limitation for wider patient use “

Our motivation comes from pregnant women who thank us after the post- NIPT test counseling for supporting them in understanding the health of their precious child.

Dr GSK Velu, chairman & managing director, Neuberg Diagnostics stated “Our primary focus as a diagnostic partner is to adopt advanced technology to support our clinical fraternity in integration of tests like NIPT to suit their practice with the end-goal of better patient care”